Selected publications

黃俊儒、羅尹悅(2023)。〈當科學知識遇上意識形態?民眾對於COVID-19 疫情訊息的態度與認知〉,《傳播研究與實踐》,13(1):149-183。[Open access]


羅尹悅(2021)。〈台灣科學社群對部落格的想像:同儕交流的延伸、公眾溝通的未滿〉,《資訊社會研究》,40:27-58。[Open access]

Lo, Y.-Y. & Huang, C.-J. (2021). Differences in knowledge, uncertainty, and social context in four medical TV series from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Journal of Science Communication, 20 (01): A01. [Open access]

Lo, Y.-Y., Huang, C. J., & Peters, H. P. (2019). Do organizational interests interfere with public communication of science? An explorative study of public relations of scientific organizations in Taiwan. East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal, 13 (4): 557-574.

Lo, Y.-Y. (2016). Online communication beyond the scientific community. Scientists’ use of new media in Germany, Taiwan and the United States to address the public. (Ph.D. Dissertation), Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin. [Open access]

Lo, Y.-Y., & Peters, H. P. (2015). Taiwanese life scientists less “medialized” than their Western colleagues. Public Understanding of Science, 24(1): 6-22.

Peters, H. P., Dunwoody, S., Allgaier, J., Lo, Y.-Y., & Brossard, D. (2014). Public communication of science 2.0. EMBO reports, 15(7): 749-753.

Allgaier, J., Dunwoody, S., Brossard, D., Lo, Y.-Y., & Peters, H. P. (2013). Journalism and social media as means of observing the contexts of science. BioScience, 63(4): 284-287.

Book chapters

Huang, C.-J., Li, Y.-Y., & Lo, Y.-Y. (2020). Taiwan: From nationalizing science to democratizing science. In T. Gascoigne, B. Schiele, J. Leach, M. Riedlinger, B. V. Lewenstein, L. Massarani, & P. Broks (Eds.), Communicating science: A global perspective (pp. 849-864). Acton: ANU Press. [Open access]

Peters, H.P., Allgaier, J., Dunwoody, S., Lo, Y.-Y., Brossard, D., & Jung, A. (2013). Medialisierung der Neurowissenschaften: Bedeutung journalistischer Medien für die Wissenschafts-Governance. In E. Grande, D. Jansen, O. Jarren, A. Rip, U. Schimank & P. Weingart (Eds.), Neue Governance der Wissenschaft: Reorganisation – externe Anforderungen – Medialiserung (pp. 311-335). Bielefeld: transcript.

Selected conference papers


Lo, Y.-Y. (2021). Public communication of science – not a priority of university PR in Taiwan. Online proceedings of the International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST 2020+1), virtual global conference, 26-28 May.

Lo, Y.-Y., & Huang, C.-J. (2018). The creation of story authenticity – a case study of the Taiwanese fictional medical program “Wake Up”. Online proceedings of the International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST 18), 3-6 June 2018, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Lo, Y.-Y., & Peters, H. P. (2016). Blogging by scientists: a rare and peripheral activity. Online proceedings of the International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST 16), 26-28 April 2016, Istanbul, Turkey.

Lo, Y.-Y., & Peters, H. P. (2012). Scientists and journalists – the Taiwanese case. In M. Bucchi & B. Trench (Eds.), Quality, Honesty and Beauty in Science and Technology Communication: PCST 2012 Book of Papers (pp. 319-323). Vincenza: Observa Science in Society.